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Cleveland’s Electrical Construction team adeptly procures, installs, tests and maintains electrical systems and equipment across a host of applications including: commercial, industrial, transit, healthcare, laboratory, power generation/alternative energy and mission critical sectors. We take a relational approach to add value in each market while delivering unmatched quality and efficiency along the way.

As a cohort of natural problem solvers, we seek to align ourselves with the strategic goals of our customers and project teams across each unique endeavor. We strive to eliminate risk while ensuring safety and conformance throughout the construction life cycle. Approaching each project on a united front, we identify problems early and anticipate future needs. From management to field resources, you can expect multigenerational expertise and a committed partner in Cleveland. While it is our foremost effort to make our customers successful, we are proud of our team’s proven ability to stand out among industry contractors and perform at the highest level.

Field Services

Electrical Construction


We remain grateful to serve such a diverse list of clients and draw upon that experience to continually improve our process and execution across the board. While each Electrical Construction project looks different, a typical sequence might include:

Electrical Service and Maintenance


  • Conceptual Budgeting
  • Estimating
  • Value Engineering
  • Risk Assessment
Electronic Components

Planning and

  • Resource Allocation
  • Logistical Coordination


  • Virtual Construction Drawing Generation
  • E3D Model Input into Trimble MEP Layout
  • Modular Package Pre-assembly
Electrical Service and Maintenance

Project Delivery

  • Coordination
  • Installation
  • Quality Management
Electronic Components

Testing and

  • Testing
  • Commissioning and CX Assistance

Continual Service
And Maintenance

Ongoing Quality Service
Field Services

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